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About Konstantin

Fine custom tattooing

Meet the Business Owner: Konstantin N.
Konstantin Nossachev was born in Caucasus, Russia, where Konstantin's family placed the utmost importance on his education. Konstantin traveled, studied and lived all over the world, including time in Germany, Canada, France, Switzerland and of course, the U.S., to which Konstantin received his citizenship, in 2005.

Tattooing is Konstantin's main occupation, as he has recognized within the art, a renaissance in technique, self-expression and most importantly, cultural exchange. For Konstantin, the lines between craft, art, psychology and physiology are blurred, all joining together to stimulate his thought process and vision. Konstantin feels that the high standards set in the tattoo world, make tattooing one of the most creative, contemporary, cultural art forms.

Konstantin's tattoo art centers around life-like subjects, which help him to understand the cycle of being.